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The Daytona is part of e-Moto's 2013 assortment of electric bicycles. A hybrid style frame combined with wide road tires and a comfort handlebar make for a great commute or recreational ride. The 350w motor can be controlled either from a twist and go throttle or via a 3-mode variable assist speed sensor. The high output 13Ah Samsung battery provides for speeds of up to 18-mph with a range of 25-30 miles.


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Samsung© Lithium Ion 37-volt, 12Ah Battery Pack.

2-Amp UL Listed Charger

17-Amp Controller

350-watt high torque brushless hub motor.

3 mode twist and go throttle or pedal assist.

25-30-mile range.

18-mph top speed.

51-pounds, including battery.

Lasco© 46T Alloy Crank

Shimano© Acera 8-speed Gear Set with Twist Grip Shifter.

Kenda© Iron Cap E-bike tiress. 26 x 1.95

26" Double Wall Rims with eyelets and 13g Stainless Steel Spokes.

Promax© Disc Brakes.

Zoom© Suspension Fork

Promax© Suspension Seat Post.

Velo© Tan Leather Seat and Grips

Extruded Fenders with Stainless Steel Hardware.

Aluminum Front and Rear Parcel Rack.

10-year Frame Warranty.

1-Year Component Warranty.

1-Year Battery Warranty

e-Moto Power Assist Electric Bicycles from e-Moto Electric Vehicles on Vimeo.


All e-Moto electric vehicles are powered by high performance brushless hub motors. e-Moto’s hub motors are sealed, and have no internal wearing parts allowing for ultimate in weatherproof, maintenance free operation. Whereas both the Power Assist Bicycles and Electric Scooters use the same motor design, there are several key differences in design between the two.

Power Assist Bicycle Motors: Weighing just over 7-pounds, the hub motor installed on all e-Moto electric bikes is rated at a continuous output of 250-watts. (Beware of bike motors advertised with high wattage figures—they likely are peak wattage capability, not continuous output rating.) These 26 and 37 volt, 3-phase DC motors also have an internal reduction gear that amplifies the motors output—making it perform on par with motors of twice the wattage!

G-Series Electric Scooter Motors: e-Moto Electric Scooters are available in continuous wattage ratings of 2,000-5,000 (2kw to 5kw), depending on model. These motors lack the reduction gear of their bike counterparts but make up for it with much larger motors and higher operating voltages—up to 72-volts! Scooter motors are 3-phase DC, and use internal hall-effect sensors to monitor performance.


Power Assist Bicycle Controllers: All e-Moto electric bikes use our VPAC (Variable Pedal Assist Controller) multi-speed controller. The VPAC controller uses an input signal from the bikes torque sensor to provide the power to the motor. The latest generation of VPAC controller offers 2-speeds of assist, that is rider selectable from the bikes dashboard. The low-speed controller setting limits the assist to 10-mph or below—which helps your get up to speed quickly, and keeps lots of power in reserve for hill, all while giving the rider a greater aerobic workout at cruising speed. The high setting provides the full 15-mph assist.

G-Series Electric Scooter Controllers: Due to the high voltages present in e-Moto’s electric scooter drive systems; each model in the G-series of electric scooters requires a special motor controller tailored to its specific current requirements. All G-series controllers are based on a linear PCM-style circuit design, but several have unique features to their model, such as: regenerative breaking on the G6 Lithium, and the state of the art battery switching system on the G3 Lithium.

Production and Quality

Frame Design and Construction

All e-Moto bicycle frame designs are rigorously evaluated for strength and safety before entering mass-production. Every e-Moto bicycle is designed from the ground up to be an electric assist bicycle, and is built from 6061 aluminum. To ensure that the added stresses of electric drive do not impact the stability of the frame, each new design is fully tested on a variety of automated machines that simulate riding conditions, excessive weight, and extreme vibration. This rigorous certification process allows e-Moto to stand behind the quality of the frames with a 10-year warranty against defect and failure.

All e-Moto frames receive heat treatment that uses a combination of temperature and liquid curing. The frames are put into a purpose built oven and are heated then, after removal from the oven, they are cooled in a liquid bath controlled electronically to ensure that the aluminum cools at a uniform rate, strengthening the alloy.

Paint and Finish Process

Every e-Moto electric bike is painted and decaled on-site using a state of the art sealed automated paint line. Frames are primed, painted with color, decaled, and then sprayed with a final clear coat for a long lasting shine.

Product Testing

Product testing starts long before any bicycles are built. Each individual Lithium-ion battery cell that ships to e-Moto from Panasonic in Japan is individually cycle tested to ensure optimum performance. Cells that pass the initial testing are then joined together, mated with their Battery Management System, and installed into their enclosure. 100% of those complete systems are again tested for optimum performance in charging and discharging before being installed onto an e-Moto electric bike.

Each e-Moto bicycle is fully tested for completeness, quality, and performance as it rolls off the assembly line. Additionally, a select group from each production lot is extensively road tested. These tests ensure that each e-Moto box contains a fully functional electric assist bicycle.

Select e-Moto bikes are taken from the assembly line and tested for compliance with US consumer safety standards by an independent testing laboratory in America. These tests ensure compliance with US laws and safety standards, as well as testing for the presence of hazardous materials—such as lead paint.

Environmentally Sound Packaging

All e-Moto bikes ship to you in a custom-fitted, double-walled cardboard box that is fully recyclable. The interior protective packing is primarily paper-based, keeping plastics use to a minimum. When possible, e-Moto Electric scooters are shipped in an environmentally friendly all-cardboard crating system, with no metal or plastic framework or bracing.