Welcome to the California Offroad Go Kart section. All the items here are CARB approved. CARB is the California Air Resources Board which is the "clean air agency" in the state of California. California has their own emission requirements that states all bikes shipped to or sold in California must be CARB approved.

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GREEN-STICKER - The green sticker is issued thru the Calif DMV and are valid for two years. A Green Sticker allows you to ride your off-highway vehicle on designated public lands year round.

RED-STICKER - The red sticker is issued thru the Calif DMV and are valid for 2 years. These models can only be ridden during designated times throughout the year. Usually red sticker models can be ridden in the wetter winter months. Each OHV area has there own rules for red sticker bikes which can be found on the DMV web site. A transport permit is required (to carry in your truck or trailer) a red sticker bike out of season. This was enacted to nullify the excuse "I was not riding, just transporting!", note, there is a hefty fine.